Cobra 40-10 SrayPack

Capability The small internal volume of the paint level combined with the high working speed provide for sufficient output reserves, even when using multiple guns.
Reliability Particularly durable diaphragms and paint level free of packing and rubbing provide for the highest reliability and low maintenence costs through durable diaphragms and minimal wear and tear.
Rapid amortization The low internal volume of the paint level holds unique potential savings through extremely rapid color changes and up to 60% lower flushing fluid consumption compared to other pumps of the same performance class.
Environmentally friendly Drastic reduction in solvent consumption when changing color and flushing through a low internal volume and through paint level construction free of dead space.
Material-friendly Large valve cross-sections and the hermetically closed, packing-free construction are the ideal qualifications for processing all types of paints and hardeners - especially for sensitive UV paints, isocyanates, and acrylates or abrasive corrosion protection materials.
Proven WAGNER IceBreaker air motor Ice-free and quiet due to the intelligent internal geometry. Extremely robust, user-friendly, proven time and time again!



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Technical data
Multiplication ratio 40:1
Max. material pressure at pump inlet 20 bar
Material temperature 10 - 80 °C
Air inlet pressure 2.5 - 6 bar
Max. operating pressure 250 bar
Max. stroke rate 200DS/min
Volumetric flow per double stroke 10 cm³/DS
Max. stroke rate 200DS/min
Ambient temperature 10 - 60 °C
Weight 19000 g
Max. sound level 74 dB(A)
Material pH 3.5 - 9 pH
Material wetted parts Tungsten carbideStainless steelConsistalPA

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