Jaguar 75-150

High-pressure piston pump, stainless steel, for Airless applications up to 530 bar and 9L/min. Extremely robust and ideal for heavy corrosion protection.

Reliable The extremely low pulsation and low maintenance controller offers very high reliability, even during continuous operation.
Under full pressure egardless of the pressure at which the air motor is being operated, the full system pressure is always applied for the control. Thus, the pump works reliably and does not hang up, even at very low working pressures.
Designed for any application Made entirely of high quality stainless steel, the fluid section is designed for a long service life and low wear, even when conveying abrasive and chemically corrosive material.
User-friendly The integrated compact pressure regulator simplifies adjustment of the pump pressure and the air current for AirCoat applications.
Optimum service Easy-to-clean separating fluid chamber. Rapid and simple replacement of the self-adjusting packings without special tools.
Gentle on materials The large valve cross sections provide for an optimal flow that is gentle on materials.
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Technical data
Multiplication ratio 75:1
Max. material pressure at pump inlet 20 bar
Material temperature 5 - 80 °C
Air inlet pressure 2.5 - 7.1 bar
Air inlet G 1"
Max. operating pressure 530 bar
Max. stroke rate 60DS/min
Volumetric flow per 60 double strokes 9l/min
Volumetric flow with free flow 30 l/min
Valve seat material Tungsten carbide
Valve tappet No
Volumetric flow per double stroke 150 cm³/DS
Max. stroke rate 60DS/min
Ambient temperature 5 - 60 °C
Weight 53000 g
Max. sound level 83 dB(A)
Sound level at 6 bar air pressure 81 dB(A)
Material pH 3.5 - 9 pH
Allowable inclination ±10°
Min. air inlet Ø 25 mm
Material wetted parts Tungsten carbideStainless steelHard chromePTFEPacking material depending on pump type


Pump ratio 75:1
Operating pressure 530 bar
Volumetric flow per double stroke 150cm³/DS
Volumetric flow per 60DH 9l/min
Max. stroke rate 60 DS/min
Material inlet F-G 1 1/2"
Material outlet M-M 24x1,5
Air inlet pressure 2,5-7,1 bar,
Sound level at 6 bar air pressure 81 dB (A)
Material temperature 5-80 °C
Ambient temperature 5-60 °C
Material pH 3.5-9pH
Max. material pressure at pump inlet          20 bar
Allowable inclination ±10°
Weight 53kg



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