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Finger jointing

Stronger and lighter glue joints


The industry
Finger jointing is a processing technique for jointing pieces of pre-cut lumber to form certain lengths of lamellas. It is commonly applied in both glulam and window scantling products.

Because pressure levels vary from non-structural to structural joints and adhesive curing behaves differently from radio frequency to hot presses, having wood moisture content and glue spread in optimal levels are critical success factors for your competitiveness.

Our business concept in action
From Southern yellow pine to spruce or larch, we have the technical know-how to help you put all these factors under control. Our solutions will help you to:

  • Implement separate application techniques

  • Shorten curing times

  • Increase joint strength

Product range
Our portfolio for finger jointing consists of melamine-based adhesive systems that:

  • Reduce wastewater

  • Allow optimal glue consumption

  • Offer low-emitting-formaldehyde capabilities

  • Meet demands from AITC, ASTM, EN and JAS standards.

The result:
Lighter glue joints meeting higher market demands.

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