Electronic 1-paint 2K high-pressure mixing system for AirCoat applications up to 270 bar. Including flushing pump. Optionally with second paint.


Extremely precise and reliable Thanks to completely non-contacting discharge measurement with the patented magnetic stroke sensor, the extremely accurate dosage provides for optimal mix accuracy and consistent surface quality, even with high-viscosity material or a high delivery rate.
User-friendly The entire operating concept is based on three push-buttons: Start - Stop - Rinse. All further parameters are easily adjusted with password protection to the application and the applied material. Most importantly: The fully automatic rinsing process reliably and completely cleanses the system of mixed material.
For any intended use The comprehensive program of the IceBreaker® piston pumps provide the optimal selection with regard to pressure and delivery rate for every purpose.
Well-arranged Depending on the application or assembly situation, the TwinControl is available on a frame with stabile swivel casters, on a heavy transport trolley, or with a wall mount.
Economical consumption The paint valve and selector were developed for optimal mixing homogeneity and the best rinsing capability, and greatly help save flushing fluid when cleaning and changing paint. The fully automatic cleaning process guarantees optimal flushing of the selector block, the material hose, and the gun.
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Input voltage (not Atex) 115 - 230 V
Input frequency (not Atex) 50 - 60 Hz
Mixing accuracy ± 2%
Mixing ratio 0,1:1 - 20:1
Max. material pressure 224 bar
Max. material pressure at pump inlet 5 bar
Material temperature 5 - 60 °C
Air inlet pressure 5 - 8 bar
Volume flow at a 1:1 mixing ratio (max.) 2.4 l/min
Volume flow at a 4:1 mixing ratio (max.) 1.5 l/min
Volume flow at a 10:1 mixing ratio (max.) 1.3 l/min
Volume flow at a 20:1 mixing ratio (max.) 1.2 l/min
Ambient temperature 5 - 40 °C
Material pH 3.5 - 9 pH
Pump for component A Puma 28-40
Pump for component B Puma 28-40
Flushing pump Puma 28-40
Energy supply system Turbine
Holder/mount Gestell

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