Zip 52

Double diaphragm pump for material transport and circulating systems. Up to 8 bar and 52L/min.

Reliability he special long-life diaphragm ensures a high degree of reliability and minimum downtime. High chemical compatibility tanks to PTFE o-rings.
  he optimized design with less dead space enables rapid color change and cleaning, and a reduction in the amount of solvent required.
Optimal maintenance No leakage of fluids: the pump is totally bolted and only 1 tool is needed to dismantle it
High performance The air motor ensure highest performance with reduced air consumption; requires no additional lubrication and suffer from no freezing problems.
Versatility Different pump sizes and a comprehen-sive product palette guarantee a wide range of possible application.
Minimal pressure Anti-stall pilot valve, pre assembled and easy to replace. It operate at minimal pressure tanks to low internal friction
  No material leakage: the pump is fully threaded
  Long-lasting diaphragms
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Technical data
  Zip 52 PP, non-conductive Zip 52 PP, non-conductive Zip 52 Perfect Flow plastic
Multiplication ratio 1:1 1:1 1:1
  G 1/2" G 1/2" G 1/2"
Material temperature 4 - 60 °C 4 - 60 °C 4 - 90 °C
Air inlet pressure 1 - 8 bar 1 - 8 bar 1 - 8 bar
Air inlet G 1/4" G 1/4" G 1/4"
Max. operating pressure 8 bar  8 bar 8 bar
Volumetric flow with free flow 52 l/min 52 l/min 28 l/min
Valve seat material Stainless steel  Stainless steel Stainless steel
Volumetric flow per double stroke 108 cm³/DS 108 cm³/DS 65 cm³/DS
Weight 3270 g 3300 g 3300 g
Max. particle size 2 mm 2 mm 2 mm
Sound power at max. flow rate and a feed pressure of 8 bar 97 dB(A) 97 dB(A) 97 dB(A)
Sound level at 50 cycles/min and a feed pressure of 5 bar 73 dB(A)   68.5 dB(A)
Material wetted parts PPPTFEStainless steel Depending on the version:P = Polypropylene T= PTFEH = UHMW-PE PolyethyleneS= Stainless steelA = AluminumG = POM (Polyoxymethylene) PPPEStainless steelAcetal
Max. suction lift 4.9 m 2.9 m 2.2 m
Connections Universal  Universal Universal
Ball material SSt  Stainless steel Acetal
Diaphragm material PTFE  PTFE PE
Diaphragm disk material PP PPS PP
Pump body material Polypropylene Acetal (POM) PP
Screw material Zinc-plated steel   Zinc-plated steel
Ball material SSt Stainless steel Acetal

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