Recovery equipment
Recovery equipment

Recovery equipment

Powder recovery equipment is designed for powder recovery and processing. With the help of this equipment, it is possible to efficiently and economically process powders that are generated in various industries or other processes.

WAGNER powder recovery equipment separates the powder/air mixture extracted from the painting chamber and returns the separated powder back to the system. There are two options to choose from: filter and cyclone recovery systems.

Highly efficient cyclones are an ideal choice for automatic painting chambers for color change systems. The cyclone separates the extracted powder/air mixture, the exhaust air is piped to the secondary filter. The powder is sieved and returned to the atomizers. Thanks to the flow-optimized design of the cyclone, significantly lower pressure losses are achieved, thus saving energy.

In the case of filter recovery equipment, the powder is directly separated with high separation efficiency. There are separate built-in filter modules "After filter" and "ICF" modules that can be flanged to the sides of the painting chamber. The mobile filter cart is easily changed by changing colors.

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