Flap grinding discs
Flap grinding discs

Flap grinding discs

Flap discs are suitable for use on a variety of surfaces including metal, stainless steel and many other materials. To remove irregularities, splinters and other defects. They are easy to use and can be adapted to various needs.

Various types are offered to meet different application needs. A total of 5 different types: aluminum oxide, zirconium and ceramic abrasives. From 36 to 120 grit, from 100 mm to 180 mm diameter, various densities on tapered and flat fiberglass bases.

Karbosan flap discs are divided into 2 main groups; "Comfort Line" with a cotton abrasive base and "Premium Line" with a "Polycotton" abrasive base. Also made up of 3 different density types; low, standard and high.

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