Colad closing plugs for Snap Lid

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Product information

Seal your Colad Snap Lid temporarily with a Snap Lid sealing cap.
The cap fits perfectly on top of the Snap Lid when removed from the spray gun.
Use a second Snap Lid sealing cap to seal your adapter and keep the paint channel dust-free.

• With help of the red color the cap is easily recognized when placed on top of the lid / inside the adapter
• For single use; when the product gets in touch with paint
• Solvent resistant

Packed in a plastic bag with 100 pieces.


Package Package 100 pcs.
** Sold in packs



The company that develops new inventions that are essential for effective and efficient paint applications. Colad is the brand responsible for making lots of things possible. The company is sure to come up with ingenious solutions to industry-specific issues. This of course lies in the label’s DNA. The company‘s products can be found in the automotive, marine, aviation, industry and many more branches. Colad always involve users and dealers from all over the world in this process. 

It’s not by chance that Colad invented innovative products used worldwide such as the precision printed Mixing Cups, the BodyGuard Paint Suit and the Turbomix Paintsaver™. Recently Colad added the fastest and most convenient paint application system to its range – the Colad Snap Lid System®.

Colad design unique opportunities for end users, focused on achieving the best results within the working and company procedures.

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