Adhesive remover Tesa 60042, 200 ml

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Product information

Tesa ADHESIVE REMOVER 60042 is a spray for easy removal of glue residue from plastic parts, glass and metal surfaces.

▪ Reliably removes residues of most adhesive tapes
▪ Allows an easy removal of labels
▪ Removes as well residues as grease, tar, resins and other stains
▪ Evaporates without leaving residues
▪ Leaves a pleasant scent
▪ The cleaner is based on LIMONENE from natural sources
▪ Spray reaches even concealed and hard-to-reach places
▪ Free from silicone

Main Applications:
▪ Removal of adhesive residue on plastic, glass and metal


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Tesa headquarters

"Tesa" is one of the world's leading manufacturers of technical adhesive tapes and developers of adhesive system solutions (more than 7,000 products) for industrial and professional customers and end users. Since 2001 "Tesa" is wholly owned by "Beiersdorf AG" (whose products are "Nivea", "Eucerin" and "La prairie") as a subsidiary.

"Tesa" was founded in Germany in 1896 and launches 100 new adhesive technology solutions and patents each year.

Applications in various industries, such as the automotive industry, the electronics sector (eg smartphones, tablets), printing and paper, supply to the construction industry, and the concept of effective brand and product protection, contribute to the group of "Tesa" sales. "Tesa" is also collaborating with the pharmaceutical industry to develop therapeutic patches. 24% of the company's sales are in the consumer and artisan (crafts) segment, where end-user products facilitate work at home and in the office.

"Tesa" is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. The company has 6 regional offices, 8 factories, 65 offices and 52 offices in more than 100 countries around the world. "Tesa" has 4,457 employees.

"Tesa" brand is very well known throughout Europe: as much as 98% in Germany and around 90% in Austria, Switzerland and Portugal.

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