Epoxy resin Renner XB-M171, non-yellowing, for casting up to 3 cm

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Product information

Epoxy resin XB-M171 is an ideal product for those who want to realize unique design objects. It is an extraordinary colorless and unique product that does not turn yellow.

In addition to aesthetic properties, Renner Italia epoxy resin is also valued during application. Standard products require 40-50% catalysis. Meanwhile Renner 25% catalysis. This 1:4 ratio is very user friendly. Ideal for both DIY and industrial use.

Main features:
• When used with hardener XC-M171, a completely colorless casting is obtained.
• Recommended for use on transparent surfaces such as marble or granite to ensure excellent adhesion and good mechanical properties.
• After sanding, the XB-M171 can be polished or coated with a gloss or matte solvent-based acrylic paint.
• Can be used to make items with various inserts.
• No VOC (contaminant-free and odorless).

Suggested use:
• For marble
• For granite
• Wood

• The amount of resin required for realization depends on the volume of the casting area. One thousand liters of product is needed to fill one square meter.
• Drying time cannot be shorter: wait at least 72 hours (preferably a week) before starting production. Higher hardness is ensured only by a longer drying time. The drying process starts from the surface to the bottom.
• Mixing the resin is a very important step to get the perfect item. It must be stirred for ten minutes so that the bubbles inside the mixture reach the surface.
• Once the resin is ready, it can be poured very slowly and at a distance of no more than 20 cm from the casting surface.
• The best place for work is free from moisture and the temperature is between 18 and 20 °C.
• The wood used must be completely smooth and dry: since the resin is a self-leveling product, every small difference in thickness will affect the entire manufacturing process.


Coating Flow coat
Product type Epoxy resin
Coverage Clear
Application Interior
Package Packages: 3 kg, 25 kg
** Sold in packs



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