PIZZI glue gun

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Product information

Standard gun has established itself as an industry standard for its durability and suitability for just about any glue work you can think of.
The flow of PVA glue is controlled by a hand lever, which allows for better control than with a handheld glue bottle. It accepts the full range of specialized nozzles Rangate offers, allowing you the flexibility.


PIZZI is a worldwide leading Italian manufacturer specialised in systems and machinery for cold glue application.

Pizzi are able to design, engineer and manufacture any gluing solutions for applying cold glue and adhesives.

Next to its wide standard product range, it can supply custom solutions both for manual and full automated systems and machines. Thanks to a 40 years know-how and an extraordinary production flexibility, the company offer  the  following three lines of gluing technologies: hand-held glue spreaders, pressurised glue feeders, automatic gluing machines.

Pizzi systems and machines have always aspired to the highest standards. That is why the company invest so much care and passion in development and production, down to the finest details.

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