Filler Dana Lim Light Weight Filler 628, 950 ml

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Light Weight Filler 628 is a fast-hardening, easy-to-apply, ready-to-use white putty for filling small holes and cracks in concrete, plaster walls and ceilings.
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Product information

Dana Lim Light Weight Filler 628 is a quick-setting, easy-to-apply, ready-to-use white putty for filling small holes and cracks in concrete, plaster, and beyond in walls and ceilings.

Due to the flexible texture, it is easy to use. It does not shrink, does not crack when it hardens, and is easily sanded. Screws and nails can be hammered into the hardened putty. Good water resistance.

Can be used both indoors and outdoors, but not in areas with constant exposure to water. During hardening, it is necessary to protect from moisture.

Instructions for use:
• Preparation: all surfaces must be clean, free of dust and loose particles. Moisten the surface a little.
• Application: applied with a putty knife. If the blade is wet, there will be a smooth finish. If putty needs to dry, it can be mixed with a little water.
• Drying time: approx. 1 hour - depending on thickness and temperature.
• Sanding: if necessary, sand the filler when completely dry. Can be painted with many types of paint, but must be primed before painting with alkyd paint.
• Cleaning: clean tools and protective layer with water. Once hardened, it can only be dissolved mechanically.


Color White
Density ~ 0,6 kg/ltr
Shelf life At least 24 months in unopened packaging if stored in a cool place



The history of Dana Lim began in 1928. spring, when Kai Leopold Hansen came up with the idea of a new type of strong glue. Since then, Dana Lim has been known in every Dane's household, and has become known in the rest of Scandinavia and Europe as a leading manufacturer of adhesives, sealants and putty that sets new standards for functionality, quality and user-friendliness.

The main principles of the company: customer and market orientation; development of highly specialized products, taking into account their use; open, environmentally safe and responsible approach to business.

It is hoped that these three factors will help lay sustainable and long-term foundations for the company's future growth and fulfillment of consumer needs.

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