Glue spray bottle Gupfo with pointed screw nozzle

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Glue spray bottle 250 ml with pointed screw nozzle (A).


The philosophy of GUSTAV PFOHL is a continuous process of improvement to produce simple but perfect tools. GUPFO products are manufactured exclusively in Germany and Austria, where the strictest quality standards are constantly emphasized.

Thanks to the high reputation of the GUPFO products, the company has built up an international customer base. Globally, GUSTAV PFOHL GMBH supplies companies from 40 countries on 5 continents. German-standard quality and customer orientation are key components for achieving success on the global markets as well.

CNC-controlled machining centres and state-of-the-art control technology are used in production. The parts are produced with the highest precision in an optimised process. In order to manufacture in a manner which is good for Gupfo employees and environmentally-friendly, the company rely exclusively on oil- and mineral oil-free lubrication technology – greenCNC.

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