PIZZI pressurized D5 glue tank in stailess steel for PVA glue with glue gun 9902

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Product information

Pressure adhesive feed container, serial number 8903/D5-1-9902.
Suitable for transporting PVAc and EPI adhesives.

Set includes:
• 5 kg pressure container;
• 1 # 9902 glue dispenser with anatomical handle, manual, adjustable glue flow;
• universal smooth nozzle;
• container with water to hold the dispenser


"Pizzi" is a leading Italian manufacturer specializing in cold gluing systems and machines. The company offers a wide range of gluing solutions for cold gluing. In addition to a wide range of standard products, "Pizzi" offers individual solutions for both manual and fully automatic systems and machines.

Thanks to 40 years of practical experience and extraordinary production flexibility, "Pizzi" offers its customers three lines of gluing technology: manual glue dispensers, pressure machines and automatic gluing systems.

"Pizzi" always strives for the highest standards, so it invests heavily in production expansion and development to meet the highest customer needs.

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