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Automotive Bapco MOSA upholstery contact adhesive

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Product information

Professional contact adhesive with a universal formula, resistant to high temperatures. At the same time very elastic bond.
The adhesive is characterized by high initial adhesion and regular spray pattern.

Can be used in production and renovation of new and used cars interior, coaches, caravans, boats.
Particularly recommended for bonding most interior design materials, ie. leather, fabric, soffits.


"Bapco" is a leader in the European market among contact and polyurethane adhesive manufacturers. The company's products are popular in the furniture, automotive, construction and marine industries.

"Bapco" spray contact adhesive technology has been developed to quickly and easily connect elements made of a variety of materials. The adhesive is very easy to use and efficient to apply. The entire gluing process is fast and clean, which saves work and time. Due to the wide range of adhesive parameters - to resistance to water and temperature fluctuations - "Bapco" adhesives are ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.

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