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Adhesive melt ProFect® 2001

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Product information

ProFect 2001 is a hotmelt based on EVA copolymers for edge banding. Has been developed for gluing edge bands of PVC, ABS, wood, veneer and laminates in automatic edge banding machines.
ProFect 2001 is characterized by its good working properties and versatility.


Coating Edge band ging unit with adhesive application roller
Type of adhesive EVA melts
Density ~1,3 kg/ltr
Viscosity At 204 ° C about 80000 mPa·s
Softening point 100°C
Press time Not applicable.
Storage life In a dry, cool place for 12 months from the date of manufacture
Applications methods Industrial
Heat resistance 82°C
Package Package 25 kg
** Sold in packs



"PKI" was founded in 1995. Head office is placed in Fredericia in Denmark. Further "PKI" has a subsidiary Poland and in Ukaine and collaboration partners in Iceland, Sweden, Finland the Baltics, Ireland and Belarus.

Also, "PKI" is a Danish specialist in glue and adhesives for the industry. The company are market leader in Denmark and cover all aspects within its working areas: construction, assembling and graphic/packaging.

"PKI" produce and develop products under the brand "ProFect". Yearly the company deliver more than 9.000 ton adhesives to its customer portfolio, who amongst many others count "Velux", "Carlsberg", "Royal Unibrew", "Nobia" and "Arla Foods".

Internationally "PKI" is connected to "Henkel" and "BASF". These both companies, have selected "PKI" as a business partner in Denmark based on the company broad knowledge and know-how within glue.

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