Acrylic sealant Dana Lim Acrylic Clear 509, transparent

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Dana Lim Acrylic Clear 509 is a clear acrylic sealant used to fill narrow cracks in framing timber, narrow gaps in window frames, panel joints and as a protection against water penetration as well as other areas where narrow gap sealing is required.
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Product information

Dana Lim Acrylic Clear 509 is a clear plasto-elastic acrylic sealant. As it hardens, it becomes transparent and is used for narrow cracks in frame wood, narrow cracks in window frames, to fill panel joints and as a protection against water penetration, as well as in other places where sealing of narrow cracks is required.

Sealant is also used as an adhesive for wooden parts, brick, concrete surfaces and adheres well to most building materials.

Easy to use, can be painted with most common paints, suitable for exterior work.

Instructions for use:
• Preparation: all surfaces must be clean, free of oil, grease and loose particles. Acrylic Clear 509 can be used without primer on surfaces such as wood, stone, concrete, brick and painted surfaces. Highly porous surfaces should be primed with 1 part Acrylic Clear sealant and 2 parts water. In practice, different materials may vary, so it is always recommended to carry out sufficient adhesion tests before use, especially for larger applications.
• Operating temperature: +5 °C to +40 °C.
• Application: applied by hand or air gun. Sealant is pressed into place and sprayed onto the seam. If used outdoors, must be protected from water.
• Curing: layer formation - 30 minutes at 23 °C, 55% RH. Seam will harden in approx. 1-2 days. Cures more slowly at lower temperatures and higher relative humidity.
• Processing: after curing, it can be painted with many types of paint. Due to differences in paint composition, we always recommend compatibility tests.
• Cleaning: before use, tools can be washed and the sealant removed with hot water. Hardened sealant can only be removed mechanically. Protective layer is washed off with soap and water.


Color White (transparent when cured)
Specific gravityc ~ 1,1 kg/ltr
Shelf life 1 year in unopened packaging if stored in a cool, dry place



The history of Dana Lim began in 1928. spring, when Kai Leopold Hansen came up with the idea of a new type of strong glue. Since then, Dana Lim has been known in every Dane's household, and has become known in the rest of Scandinavia and Europe as a leading manufacturer of adhesives, sealants and putty that sets new standards for functionality, quality and user-friendliness.

The main principles of the company: customer and market orientation; development of highly specialized products, taking into account their use; open, environmentally safe and responsible approach to business.

It is hoped that these three factors will help lay sustainable and long-term foundations for the company's future growth and fulfillment of consumer needs.

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