Assembly adhesive Casco XtremFix, 290 ml.

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XtremFix - extremely strong and elastic, based on SMP polymers, mounting adhesive with initial adhesion of 200 kg/m², final adhesion of up to 5000 kg/m². Ensures a strong, elastic and durable adhesive bond.
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XtremFix - extremely strong and elastic, based on SMP polymers, installation glue. Ensures a strong, elastic and durable adhesive bond.

It is characterized by high resistance to chemicals, weather conditions and water. Can be painted.

The initial adhesion strength is up to 1000 kg/m² when gluing horizontal surfaces and up to 200 kg/m² when gluing vertical surfaces. Ultimate strength is up to 5000 kg/m²

• For indoor and outdoor work
• For fast gluing of many building materials
• For gluing stone slabs, marble and granite to ceilings or walls
• For mounting heavy objects without additional anchoring
• For metal structures in the automotive, marine, transport and steel casting industries
• In the ventilation equipment industry


Density About 1500 kg/m³



"Casco" is the leading manufacturer of construction adhesives in the Nordic countries and has strong positions in the Baltics, Ukraine and Russia. "Casco" is since the year 2013 within the "Sika" Group. "Sika" headquartered in Baar, Switzerland, was founded in 1910 and has over the years developed solutions for construction and industry that enable cutting-edge architectural projects and advanced technical constructions worldwide. The focus is on the following areas: ceilings, floors, concrete renovation, industry, joints and adhesives, concrete and waterproofing.

The company offers a wide range of high quality products, which is in high demand among do-it-your self and professional users.

"Casco" product portfolio includes the following product groups: floor and wall adhesives, wood adhesives, sealants, foams, contact adhesives, assembly mastic, floor and wall leveling compounds, wall screeds, primers, solvents, tile adhesives, household adhesives, cleaning products and accessories.

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