Filter Columbus CI-HCS, 0.53 x 12 m

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Columbus filter is unique because it consists of several layers. Multiple layers mean a larger filtering surface, greater capacity and constant optimal airflow.
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Columbus filter is unique because it consists of several layers. Multiple layers mean a larger filtering surface, greater capacity and constant optimal airflow.

High ink retention capacity:
The strength of the Columbus filter is determined by its unique design, which consists of several filter layers. High dye retention capacity is achieved by using layers of different shear. This ensures the best utilization of all layers.

High efficiency:
The unique filter structure not only ensures an extremely high amount of paint retention, but also retains 96-98% of paint dust. Columbus EUROSUPRA II filters with an additional synthetic layer ensure up to 99.9% retention of paint dust! This means that the filter collects a large part of the dust paint and it will not enter the ventilation ducts, the fan or the environment.

Optimal air flow:
The Columbus filter guarantees excellent paint dust removal throughout the work cycle. The method of operation of the filter and the construction of the layers ensure a constant air flow throughout the filter's lifetime. This means cleaner and safer work and better work results.

Ecological and safe:
The minimum resistance created will reduce energy consumption and, at the same time, CO2 emissions. Filters are made from the highest quality recycled paper. By using these filters, you will pollute the environment less with waste. When this waste is incinerated, only 2% of its original content remains. Filters comply with fire safety regulations (certified F1). Also, they are the only ones that match
the legal requirements set forth in AI-19! Safe working environment and minimal impact on nature!

• Lower costs
• Higher production productivity
• Fewer production defects
• Less waste and production costs
• Lower maintenance costs
• Safer work environment
• Lasts 3-4 times longer than conventional filters
• Consists of six layers of unbroken filter paper
• Specially designed for filtering in spray booths
• Especially suitable for varnishes, glues, putties, primers, epoxies and stains

• Higher investment cost, which pays off with longer filter life and faster replacement

Filter width 0.53 m, length 12 m.


Filter width 0,53 m
Filter length 12 m
Filter thickness 18 mm
Recommended air speed 0,5 - 1,5 m/s
Initial resistance 9,8 - 62,3 Pa
Collection capacity 17,06 kg/m²
Maximum operating temperature 100 °C
Filter efficiency 99%
Replacement resistor 100 Pa
Fire safety class F1 according to DIN 53438
Filter type CI-HCS
Number of layers 8



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