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Mirka tool repair conditions.

Mirka servisas

MIRKA tool repair during the warranty and post-warranty period is performed by the official KWH MIRKA tool repair partner in Lithuania at UAB Rigalit Lietuva at: European prospectus 36, Kaunas. To order tool repairs, click on the link below:


After registering and receiving a email confirming this, send the undismantled in complete set tool to the address UAB "Rigalit Lietuva" European prospectus. 36, Kaunas LT-46369 or deliver by yourself indicating the order number. If you would like us to arrange for the tool to be sent, please indicate this on the registration form and we will call a DPD courier who will deliver the tool for repair.

NOTE: A warranty copy of the purchase invoice must be provided with the tool for warranty repair of the tool.

Warranty repair of tools is performed in accordance with KWH MIRKA conditions. You can find them HERE.

Once the cause of the failure has been determined, a repair estimate is agreed with the customer at the end of which the warranty expires or the warranty expires, and the work is started only after receiving the customer's written confirmation of the repair order.

In the case of non-warranty repairs, shipping and tool failure detection and repair costs are cover by the user.

If the customer refuses to repair the tool, the cost of shipping and troubleshooting is cover by the user and the tool is returned to the user disassembled.

Tool failure detection if the tool is not repaired - 12 eur with VAT.

Sending/picking up the tool in Lithuania - 4 eur with VAT.

Phone for inquiries about MIRKA tool repair:


or email: