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2022 June 6 RIGALIT Lithuania celebrates its 25th birthday. The history of the company began in 1997. Beautiful. During this period, the company grew along with its partners and suppliers.

We can rejoice in the invaluable experience gained during this period, the wisdom that comes in taking care of the demanding needs of our partners and the smooth running.

We have been the official representatives of such manufacturers as KWH Mirka Ltd, GMBH WAGNER Group, RENNER Italia, SikkensAkzo Nobel for many years, whose product quality and experience speak for themselves for more than a decade.

We are proud of the work done during this period and look forward to the challenges and work ahead.

The RIGALIT team consists of professional specialists who work to achieve the common goal: to ensure uninterrupted and timely supply of materials and technical support, assistance in implementing more efficient products in production and ensuring a range of quality services.

RIGALIT Lithuania not only speaks, but also listens to the needs of PARTNERS and, if possible, offers a suitable product or service.

Our business philosophy has been tested for 25 years of successful work, join us now!

Rigalit Lietuva birhday