Mirka LEROS-S 9505CV wall sander 225 mm pad, short + bag

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Mirka LEROS-S 950CV with bag - wall and ceiling sander with all the features of the well-known LEROS 950CV, but with a shorter handle and even more comfortable operation.

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Product information

The new LEROS-S features the well-known abilities of the LEROS, but in a shorter, even more easily handled length.

The new Mirka LEROS-S 950CV is a compact length wall sander with a highly flexible sanding head, making it the perfect tool for sanding walls in confined spaces. Thanks to its lightness, balance and easy manouverability, the LEROS-S makes it possible to sand large areas faster and easier.
The large sanding pad with its 5mm orbit works especially well in leveling filler on large areas and surfaces, in situations where a longer wall sander is more difficult to handle. However, it can still be fitted with an extension for those occasions when more reach is required.
In construction and decoration work, the LEROS-S shines in sanding bathroom walls, narrow corridors, walk-in closets and more, with two dedicated grip points for full control. The LEROS-S features dual suction points for dust removal, making sanding virtually dust-free, which is a significant benefit when working in confined spaces.
And just like the bigger LEROS sibling, the LEROS-S uses brushless motor technology for constant speed under load with no loss in efficiency under heavy pressure.
The LEROS-S brings our ergonomic and flexible wall sander technology into places where the length of the sander is critical. With the new short body and further improved ergonomics, its manouverability is unbeatable.

• Double fastening* of interface for longer lifetime: less need to buy replacement pad.
• High flexibility of the sanding head: easier and more ergonomic to use.
• 5 mm orbit movement: great surface finish and much easier to operate compared to rotary sanders.
• Only 3.2 kg: improved productivity.
• Brushless motor technology: Enables compact design and no need to change carbon brushes, less downtime. Constant speed under load, no loss in efficiency under heavy pressure.
• Dual suction points: virtually dust-free.
• Two dedicated grip points: ergonomic and secure grip for full control over sanding process.


Length 88 cm
Power 350 W
Voltage 220 - 240 V
Noise Level 73 dB
Orbit 5 mm
Size of pad 225 mm
Vibration level 2,5 m/s²
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Pad included MIW9514311
Speed 4000 - 8000 rpm
Dust system Central vacuum ready
Weight 3.2 kg



"Mirka" is a globally expanding company with 18 subsidiaries located in Europe, Middle East, North and South America as well as Asia. Headquarters and production are located in Finland. More than 97% of its products are exported and sold in over 100 countries.

Innovative approach, research and development have allowed "Mirka" to become a leader in flexible abrasive innovation, as well as a patented sanding system that allows customers to enjoy true dust-free surface sanding.

Today, "Mirka" offers a wide range of high-quality products that cover all grinding operations. The range of advanced products is designed to effectively solve the problems of specialized production (wood, car refinishing, composites) for both professionals and amateurs.

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