Varnish fire-retardant Renner FIREWALL YO5040, transparent 50 gloss two-component

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  • Package 25 kg
  • Sold in packs
Renner two-component fire retardant oil YO5040 (semi-gloss) is for both internal and external use.
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Coating Spray application
Material type Water based
Product type Lacquer
Coverage Clear
Application Fire retardant
Gloss level 50
Package Package 25 kg
** Sold in packs



Firewall is the brand of Renner Italia's range of fire-resistant wood coatings, guaranteeing public and private environments high aesthetic standards and technological elements necessary for safety.

Wood is always fascinating, it is light, resistant and inexpensive. It has high anti-seismic properties and is the basis of modern ecological architecture.

Wood surrounds our living spaces with beauty, but it is also a combustible material. Places where many people live need to be protected from fire: shopping centers, hotels, cinemas, theaters, schools, hospitals and others.

Firewall anti-fire coating systems prevent ignition, slow down the spread of flames, limit the emission of toxic gases and comply with all complex international norms.

Security cannot be compromised. That is why the materials of the Renner Italia Firewall range are an excellent choice for this.

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