Multifaceted vacuum gripper for lifting packages Lifts All Basic, up to 35/50 kg

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Multifaceted vacuum gripper „Basic“ is perfect for lifting and moving various products, such as boxes, sheets, bags, buckets, containers, pallets.

Product information

Multifaceted vacuum gripper „Basic“ is perfect for lifting and moving various products, such as boxes, sheets, bags, buckets, containers, pallets. Lifting capacity up to 35/50 kg depending on the selected model.

In workplaces where goods need to move quickly and efficiently, such as warehouses and packing and distribution centers, „Basic“ gripper is perfect for this.

• Vacuum gripper: using up and down controls that provide proportional speed control, along with free rotation of the load being transported, this allows for easy, careful and precise positioning of the load when needed.
• Safer lifting: this is a reliable lifting tool. If the required vacuum level cannot be reached, the load will not be lifted; and if the vacuum level decreases during lifting, „Basic“ will slowly lower to the ground. No one gets hurt and no one breaks.
• Different vacuum applications: depending on the size and weight of the load, a different vacuum program may be better adapted to different needs. If none of the standard customization programs meet the required needs, there is an option to design and create a customized program for each.
• Gripping with a hook: built-in hook that can be easily reached when needed. This is especially useful when you need to lift both boxes and bags. When only the hook application is required, there are two special hooks. One that will hold safely and securely on buckets, cans, containers, and more. And another to lift the EU's pallets.
• Intuitive tool: the handle is suitable for both large and small hands, it can be used by both right and left hands. Thanks to the ergonomic design and intuitive operation, learning to use „Basic“ is very easy. Users who try to use this tool quickly realize that lifting is faster and easier than manual lifting alone or with a colleague.
• 4 designs available: depending on what you want to lift, you can choose „Basic“ with vertical or low-level horizontal BalTrol. Both horizontal and vertical, „Basic“ has two variants with a lifting capacity of 35 or 50 kg.
• Reliable technology: manufacturer has been designing and manufacturing pneumatic lifting tools since 1994. Thousands of unique, customized lifting solutions have been produced. „Basic“ has been developed based on all this year's experience, testing and development.


Maximum weight of the package to be lifted 35/50 kg
Rotation Unlimited
Air pressure required 6-7 bar
Maximum lifting height 1,5 m
Noise level – carton boxes 63 dB
Noise level – airtight materials 0 db
Recommended industry For the airport industry



Lifts All AB is a Swedish supplier and manufacturer of lifting equipment for products and materials in industry, warehouses and pharmaceuticals.

Lifts All was founded in 1981, and its main goal was to sell electric cable hydraulic tools. 1994 the company turned its interest to the production and sale of pneumatic lifting tools. Over the years, Lifts All has accumulated knowledge and experience in the application of pneumatic lifting tools and systems.

Lifting tools and systems are based on a unique balancing technology that allows the user to move the load without feeling its weight.

The company’s vision is to provide a better working day for everyone working with packaging and cargo handling.

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