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Lifting system with mobile platform Lifts All Speedy Picker, up to 65 kg

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„Speedy Picker“ is a system for loading cargo in warehouses and distribution centers. 

Product information

„Speedy Picker“ is a great system for loading cargo in warehouses and distribution centers. Lifting system consists of crane arm and lifting tool connected to compressor.

Mounted on a truck that moves operator throughout the work process. This way, lifting tool is always at hand.

Because operator no longer has to lift loads manually, the risk of injury is reduced. With „Speedy Picker“, you can get the job done faster, easier and safer.

• Ergonomic: lifting tool starts automatically when it is firmly attached to the product being lifted. Operator can then easily lift the product and maneuver. The tool is ergonomically designed for both left- and right-handed operators, and has only one button-operated function that is used to place the load at a designated location. Unique tilt function allows the operator to move in a variety of ways between picking up loads from above or from the side. This makes it easy to unload products from higher positions by lifting them from the side.
• Flexible forklift crane arm: the agile and flexible crane arm provides faster lifting on both sides. Load is balanced by a lifting tool and can be raised and lowered by the operator without any buttons. When task is completed, lifting tool is returned to one of the docking stations and the crane arm is locked in "parking mode". Operator can then drive safely to another location.
• Adaptable crane arm for most trucks: „Speedy Picker“ crane arm can be mounted on most types of warehouse forklift trucks. In collaboration with forklift manufacturers, a solution has been developed that best suits most types of forklifts. Depending on the products being lifted, lifting tool can also be switched, for example, to a hook or a mechanical gripper.
• Protection against overload and injuries: warehouse worker usually picks up about 120 packages per hour. In total, this person lifts approximately 15-16 tonnes in an 8-hour day. Mandatory work requirements require the employer to properly adapt the workplace to reduce the risk of overload. Instead of physically tiring employees with heavy lifting by hand, „Speedy Picker“ can carry a load as long as the employee maintains speed and accuracy.


Weight 145, depending on the size of the compressor
Maximum weight of the package to be lifted 65 kg
Control units Balancing with autostart
Crane arm 2000 mm FlexiCrane jib crane, with lock
Lifts/hour 100-120
Recommended industry For distribution centers and warehouses
Suitable for lifting packages For cardboard boxes


Lifts All AB is a Swedish supplier and manufacturer of lifting equipment for products and materials in industry, warehouses and pharmaceuticals.

Lifts All was founded in 1981, and its main goal was to sell electric cable hydraulic tools. 1994 the company turned its interest to the production and sale of pneumatic lifting tools. Over the years, Lifts All has accumulated knowledge and experience in the application of pneumatic lifting tools and systems.

Lifting tools and systems are based on a unique balancing technology that allows the user to move the load without feeling its weight.

The company’s vision is to provide a better working day for everyone working with packaging and cargo handling.

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