Gripper for rotors Lifts Al Manhattan Combi, 140 kg

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Gripper for rotors „Manhattan Combi" - is lifting tool that lifts loads both mechanically and vacuum.

Product information

Gripper for rotors „Manhattan Combi" - is lifting tool that lifts loads both mechanically and vacuum.

It is combined lifting tool with adaptable modifications. If you want to lift flat surfaces, such as sheet metal, you need to use a vacuum device.

Gripper has an equalizer that allows you to lift the load while keeping millimeter accuracy in balance.Balanced load is essential to operate machine and load in confined spaces. Maximum lifting capacity of this lifting tool is 140 kg mechanically and 50 kg vacuum.

When the load is in the air, equalizer determines weight of the load and electronically balances it, causing the load to straighten. Operator can then move the load stably and safely. To lift metal sheets or other flat airtight materials, simply switch to vacuum mode and place pullers on the load. Operator can then easily move metal sheets or cargo without lifting any heavy weight.

Equalizer can be mounted on all Lifts All lifting tools. It controls movement of pneumatic lift elements. It makes it easier to lift similar loads of different weights and to handle the load precisely, as it offers constant balancing of the load in the air and straightens the load as it rises. Regardless of the weight of the load, equalizer allows you to lift safely.


Weight 100 kg
Maximum weight of the package to be lifted 140 kg
Air pressure required 6-7 bar
Control units Proportional speed control (PSH)


Lifts All AB is a Swedish supplier and manufacturer of lifting equipment for products and materials in industry, warehouses and pharmaceuticals.

Lifts All was founded in 1981, and its main goal was to sell electric cable hydraulic tools. 1994 the company turned its interest to the production and sale of pneumatic lifting tools. Over the years, Lifts All has accumulated knowledge and experience in the application of pneumatic lifting tools and systems.

Lifting tools and systems are based on a unique balancing technology that allows the user to move the load without feeling its weight.

The company’s vision is to provide a better working day for everyone working with packaging and cargo handling.

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