Pallet lifting system Lifts All, up to 30 kg

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The Manhattan Mini is a vacuum gripper that ensures a stable transfer of the load to the desired position.

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A pallet transfer system is a lifting tool designed to move and or turn pallets. Manual lifting of pallets is harmful to health and can lead to accidents. This tool allows the operator to work quickly and ergonomically, and is a great helper in warehousing, industry and distribution.

The lifting tool presses against the pallet and then holds the load firmly and securely throughout the lift. You can also lift the pallet upside down with a simple push of a button. Pallets alone will save space. After moving the pallet to the desired position, press one of the lifting tool buttons. The grab plates will release the pallet and the lifting tool can be removed from it.

The most commonly used pallet grippers are for EU pallets, full pallets and semi-pallets. However, we can modify the lifting tool so that it can be used to lift pallets of other sizes. We always tailor lifting tools precisely to lift exactly what the customer needs. The lifting tools are customizable and you can select the maximum required lifting power, tilt function, rotation function, etc. to suit your needs.


Weight 46 kg
Maximum weight of the package to be lifted 30 kg
Air pressure required 6-7 bar
Control units Proportional speed control (PSH)


Lifts All AB is a Swedish supplier and manufacturer of lifting equipment for products and materials in industry, warehouses and pharmaceuticals.

Lifts All was founded in 1981, and its main goal was to sell electric cable hydraulic tools. 1994 the company turned its interest to the production and sale of pneumatic lifting tools. Over the years, Lifts All has accumulated knowledge and experience in the application of pneumatic lifting tools and systems.

Lifting tools and systems are based on a unique balancing technology that allows the user to move the load without feeling its weight.

The company’s vision is to provide a better working day for everyone working with packaging and cargo handling.

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