PP packaging tape Tesa 4263, 66 m x 48 mm, 43 µm

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Product information

Tesa 4263 is based on a 25µm PP-film backing with a synthetic rubber adhesive. Tesa 4263 is suitable for hand dispensers and automatic sealing equipment.

Main Applications:
Manual and automatic sealing of light and medium-range weight cartons.


Color Transparent
Length 66 m
Width 48 mm
Species 4263
Backing material PP film
Purpose Packing
Type of adhesive Natural rubber
Elongation at break 145%
Tensile strength 40 N/cm
Total thickness 43 µm
Package Package 6 pcs.
** Sold in packs



Tesa headquarters

Tesa whose name is 98% known and 76% popular. (GfK, 2012) is one of the strongest brands in the German domestic market. The name of this brand was even included in the authoritative German dictionary "Duden". But "Tesa" is much more than the famous classic adhesive tape.

Now a European joint-stock company wholly owned by the Beiersdorf AG group (other brands are NIVEA, Eucerin and la prairie), "Tesa" offers more than 7,000 products and system solutions, including which aims to ensure that the latest electronics can become even more multifunctional, as well as achieve ever-increasing performance.

"Tesa" is accelerating newspaper printing operations, collaborating with the automotive industry on a variety of applications, optimizing energy efficiency in private households and preventing product piracy by developing smart security concepts. In addition, the company develops and manufactures medical adhesive patch products for the pharmaceutical industry and especially high-quality adhesive tapes for the construction sector, where they are used in facade elements and withstand the toughest conditions, even earthquakes and hurricanes.

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