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Colad mixing cups for paint preparation are made of polypropylene, because of the clearness of the cups the paint content and the mixing ratios are very visible from the inside of the cup.
It is designed for one way use, save cleaning time with the Colad disposable mixing cup.

• Completely silicone free
• Compatible with various paint application systems
• High transparency for optimal visibility of mixing ratios
• Made of customized polypropylene
• Designed for single use
• Supplementation of dilution or water readout from 5 till 30%
• Incinerating this plastic will not result in harmful gases
• Solvent resistant
• Stackable, to save space
• Anti static


Mixing cup capacity 2300 ml
Package Package 300 pcs.
** Sold in packs



"Colad" is a company that develops new inventions that are essential for the efficient use of paint. The brand is responsible for making the impossible possible. It lies in the company's DNA. The company's products can be found in the automotive, marine, aviation, industrial and many other fields.

"Colad" has invented innovative products used around the world, such as mixing cups, "BodyGuard" paint suit and "Turbomix Paintsaver". "Colad Snap Lid System" the fastest and most convenient paint coating system, has recently been added to its range.

"Colad" brand creates unique opportunities for end users, focusing on the best results from work and company procedures.

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