Two-pack fire-retardant matt PU top coat Renner FIREWALL FO-2511, 25 gloss, white

Reference: FO2511 Print
  • Package 25 L
  • Sold in packs
Renner fire retardant polyurethane paint FO-2511 (white).
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Coating Spray application
Material type Solvent based
Product type Paint
Coverage Clear
Application Fire retardant
Gloss level 25
Binder Polyurethane
Package Package 25 L
** Sold in packs



Renner Italia brand

"Renner Italia" is the heart of "Renner Global Alliance", a worldwide network that can satisfy any request of the wood market. The productive potential of the whole Alliance exceeds 170.000 tonnes of coating products for wood.

Within "Renner Global Alliance", "Renner Italia" operates on the European and Asian markets. Furthermore, "Renner Italia" is the coordination centre of Alliance worldwide strategies.

"Renner Italia" is also part of the group "Renner Herrmann S.A."

The brand produces the most reliable, modern and innovative wood coatings. The coatings developed by the company are formulated in accordance with ethical principles and each coating can contains the entire worldview of "Renner Italia".

"Renner Italia" coatings are designed with respect for nature and people. These coatings are safe for the user and anyone who comes in contact with them.

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