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  • Package 18,6 L
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Product information

Semi-mat opaque waterborne top-coat for planed, fine and rough sawn exterior wooden surfaces for application with brushing machine.
Contains active ingredients for dry film protection against mould (PT 7).


Color Various shades
Coating Brush
Brush painting machine
Flow coat machine
Capacity 18,6 L
Suitable For industry
For masters
Material type Water based
Product type Paint
Coverage Covering
Application Exterior
Gloss level Semi matte
Binder Acrylic
Diluter Water
Package Package 18,6 L
** Sold in packs
For Fences
For wooden facades
Covered surface Pine
Drying time (23 ° C, 50% relative humidity) 1-2 hours



"Sikkens" is an international brand of wood coatings, dating back to 1792, whose passion for creating the best decorative coatings has gained customers throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. The company is very proud of its history and traditions, product quality and customer satisfaction, which have made it a market leader.

"Sikkens" is part of "AkzoNobel", the world's largest paint and coatings company, and a major manufacturer of specialty chemicals.

Tradition and knowledge, innovation and quality, service and collaboration - these values have made "Sikkens" a leading brand in outdoor wood coatings. The basis of success is a passion for wood and a desire to create ideal coating solutions.

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