Paint Rio Verde VINTAGE PRESTIGE, 0.5 L

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Product information

Rio Verde water-based paint VINTAGE PRESTIGE.

Main features:
• Extra matte paint
• Perfect for creating weathered or decoupage effects
• Low VOC emission (no pollutants and odorless), therefore suitable for indoor use
• Washable
• Good coverage, strong adhesion to all types of surfaces
• No need to sand and use a primer
• Complies with EU toy safety directive EN 71.3
• Formaldehyde free (safe indoors)

Suggested use:
• For wood, metal, glass, walls, plastic, fabric
• For both indoor and outdoor facilities


Coating Brush
Material type Water based
Product type Paint
Coverage Clear
Application Interior and exterior



"Rio Verde" is a "Renner Italia" brand that produces coatings in the center of Bologna, in modern "Renner Italia" high-tech laboratories. The coatings developed by "Rio Verde" are not only designed to protect the wood, but also to decorate it. All coatings are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

"Rio Verde" pays special attention to color. The company offers aesthetic and stylish solutions with bright and soft shades.

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