Low pressure double diaphragm pump Wagner Unica 3-125

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Wagner Unica 3-125 - a universal pump, suitable for spraying at low pressure or transporting liquids through pipes, where the capacity of a conventional double diaphragm pump is not enough.
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Product information

Wagner Unica 3-125 - a universal pump, suitable for spraying at low pressure or transporting liquids through pipes, where the capacity of a conventional double diaphragm pump is not enough.

The maximum working pressure is 20 bar and the flow rate is up to 3 ltr/min, making it ideal for transporting materials with a large dry residue, with long distances, constant recirculation or spraying with several nozzles at the same time.

When transporting paint, the pump can overcome higher pressure losses, which allows to reduce the diameter of supply pipes or hoses. This reduces the amount of unused material in the system, saving time when flushing the system or changing materials.

The version with G 3/8" outlet thread is optimized for fast color changes. The version with large G 3/4" connections is more suitable for working in circulation lines without discoloration.

Advantages of Unica 3-125:
• Flexible connections: flush-optimized version for use with 3/8" outlet and 1/2" inlet or standard version for recirculation mode with 3/4" inlet and outlet.
• Powerful: suitable for use with up to 16 air spray guns or 4 l/min & >15 bar pump outlet.
• Reliable results: starts and runs reliably even at 250 cc/min and 1 bar air supply.
• Economical washing: small internal volumes and cavity-free design to use less rinsing fluid for changing and cleaning during painting (3/8” version).
• Rugged: Stable construction and low-wear operation thanks to durable pneumatic parts, diaphragms and valves.
• Easy to integrate: compact and lightweight for easy integration into the painting space. Next to the air supply unit, the pump fits into Wagner's modular mounting system, suction systems, material filters, circulation pumps and terrain combinations.
• Data Collection for Predictive Maintenance: Real-time electronic transmission of pump progress to record and predict maintenance calls in system management.

Typical applications:
• For large distances between the painting object and the equipment
• Also suitable for higher viscosity and thixotropic materials
• Supplying several sprinklers at the same time
• Circulation systems with higher viscosity materials
• Supply of mixing systems with base layers and catalysts


Length 251 mm
Operating pressure 21 bar
Width 261 mm
Species Unica 3-125
Purpose Paint feeding
Spraying method Airspray
Max. delivery rate 3.0 l/min at 19 bar
Materials handled Abrasive
Pump spraying technology Diaphragm pump
Pump type Low pressure pump
Height 235 mm
Material temperature 5 °C - 65 °C
Material connection G 3/4“ - I
Volumetric flow per double stroke 125 cm³/DS
Max. stroke rate 400 DS/min
Material outlet G 3/4“ - I
Sound level at 6 bar air pressure 70 dB(A)
Areas of application Metal coating
Plastic coating
Wood coating
Weight 15 kg
Air intake pressure range 1.5 bar - 6 bar
Material pH 3.5 pH - 9 pH
Certification Complies with ATEX Directive, complies with CE Directive
Air supply G 1/2" - I (max. 6 bar)
Pressure ratio 3.5:1



For decades, the "Wagner" group has been known worldwide as a supplier of innovative painting equipment components.

For industry, "Wagner" offer technologically advanced equipment and systems for the application of fluid coatings, powder coatings and paint to surfaces. Contractors use its reliable and economical tools with a range of technologies including airless to apply paint, coatings and plaster. For do-it-yourself enthusiasts, "Wagner" has developed a wide range of user-friendly home-improvement products.

Many companies working in the wood, metal, plastic and automotive industries have tested and installed "Wagner" equipment in their production.

In order to best respond to the needs of "Wagner" customers, company portfolio of products is organized into two divisions. The Decorative Finishing division develops tools that are tailored specifically to the needs of contractors and "do-it-yourself" enthusiasts, while the "Industrial Solutions" division manufactures industrial surface coating products and systems for a range of industry sectors.

"Wagner" provides components and solutions for the manual and automatic application of liquid, solvent and water-based coatings. Company focus is on reliability, durability and high, process-safe coating quality of surfaces.

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