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Wagner SuperFinish 23 Plus TempSpray Spraypack - Cart version

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Wagner SuperFinish 23 Plus TempSpray is a good choice for paints, primers, glazes, impregnants, oils and other materials in medium-sized construction projects.

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Product information

Wagner SuperFinish 23 Plus TempSpray spray kit is a good choice for the use of paints, primers, glazes, impregnants, oils and other materials in medium-sized construction projects.

Can also be used as a dispersion device with additional accessories. This is possible with QLS long-stroke technology, which allows a variety of materials to be processed, even those that are sensitive to shear.

With TempSpray, the spray material in the hose is heated, resulting in excellent viscosity without dilution and optimal painting. This ensures high-quality painted surfaces, and even very viscous VOC paints can be sprayed without problems.

Advantages of SuperFinish 23 Plus TempSpray:
• Excellent surface results: due to heated hoses.
• Perfect for: highly viscous materials such as enamels with a high VOC content.
• TempSpray system heats the material directly in the hose: this ensures perfect viscosity, no dilution and optimal use of paint.
• Excellent spray surface quality: with Vector Grip airless gun. Light weight and long service life.
• Possible pressure adjustment: from 0 to 250 bar
• Perfect surface quality with TempSpray: a very soft spray pattern when the coating material heats up. This increases the quality of the spray. Also: reduced spray wastage, excellent viscosity without dilution.
• Wide range of materials with QLS long-stroke technology: due to optimized hydraulics and special valve technology.
• Multi-function switch for extra safety: on/off as well as circulation and spray mode. This prevents accidental switching on or off when there is pressure in the system.

Kit composition:
• Wagner SuperFinish 23 Plus high pressure diaphragm pump - (2334444)
• Airless sprayer Wagner Vector Grip 1/4 ”, with 2 and 4 finger presses - (538043)
• Tank set 5L Wagner, M36x2, yellow - (341265)
• Heating set Wagner TempSpray H 126, 10 m, without sprayer - (2311659)
• Spray nozzle Wagner 2SpeedTip L10, 208/510 - (271042)
• Filter for sprayer Wagner Insert 180 mesh, 0.084 mm MW, red - (34383)


Power 1300 W
Species SuperFinish 23 Plus
Motor type Electric driven
Voltage/Frequency 230 V/50 Hz
Possible suction system Solid suction system
Spraying method Airless (Airless spray)
Explosion protection No
Max. operating pressure 250 bar
Max. delivery rate 2,6 l/min
Max. nozzle size 0,023“/0,58 mm
Max. viscosity 20,000 mPas
Materials handled 2 component varnish
Emulsion paint
Exterior paints
Fire protection paints
Floor coatings
Latex paints
PVC lacquer
Roof coatings
Rust protection
Separating agents
Solvent based varnish
Synthetic resin varnish
Textured paint
Water based varnish
Pump spraying technology Diaphragm pump
Heater power 1300 W
Temperature controller 20 – 60 °C
Power connection cable 6 m
Hose length 10 m



For decades, the "Wagner" group has been known worldwide as a supplier of innovative painting equipment components.

For industry, "Wagner" offer technologically advanced equipment and systems for the application of fluid coatings, powder coatings and paint to surfaces. Contractors use its reliable and economical tools with a range of technologies including airless to apply paint, coatings and plaster. For do-it-yourself enthusiasts, "Wagner" has developed a wide range of user-friendly home-improvement products.

Many companies working in the wood, metal, plastic and automotive industries have tested and installed "Wagner" equipment in their production.

In order to best respond to the needs of "Wagner" customers, company portfolio of products is organized into two divisions. The Decorative Finishing division develops tools that are tailored specifically to the needs of contractors and "do-it-yourself" enthusiasts, while the "Industrial Solutions" division manufactures industrial surface coating products and systems for a range of industry sectors.

"Wagner" provides components and solutions for the manual and automatic application of liquid, solvent and water-based coatings. Company focus is on reliability, durability and high, process-safe coating quality of surfaces.

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