Painting tools - spray guns washing system Hamach HR 2400

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Pneumatic manual spray gun washing machine.
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Product information

Hamach HR 2400 - painting tools/sprayers washing system.

Must be connected directly to the water supply point. Large tank with filter system.

Easy to move. A safety valve limits excess water.

Advantages of Hamach HR 2400:
• Easily portable
• Made of stainless steel
• Large tank
• With safety valve

Technical data:
• Air pressure: 4-6 bars
• Air consumption: 350 l/min
• Dimensions: 158 x 84 x 60 cm
• Suction point: ø 180 mm
• Working height: 105 cm
• Weight: 70 kg
• Collection capacity: 2 x 25 l
• Air inlet: 1/4"



"Hamach" is a brand  that develops new inventions that are essential for effective and efficient paint applications. "Hamach" offers complete solutions for fitting out mixing and working areas in a sustainable manner. 

Over 30 years of experience worldwide! Over the last thirty years, "Hamach" has designed and installed many high quality "Hamach Central Vacuum" (HCV) dust extraction systems for the automotive, shipbuilding and industrial sectors. HCV Central Vacuum for dust extraction is the top range concerning: Service, Quality, Safety, Efficiency and Innovation. 

The company's qualified "Hamach" engineers develop dust extraction systems that collect sanding dust at the source (the sanding machine). All of  "Hamach" systems are 100% adapted to the user's work processes and comply with ATEX standards.  

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