Filter Paintstop 0.5 x 20 m, yellow

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Product information

Paintstop is a filter medium consisting of an odorless, non-combustible glass fiber with a reinforced back layer.
Paintstop is used as an overspray filter in, for example, spray booths.
The Paintstop Yellow is provided with a dust binder which ensures that drier substances and paints are better collected in the filter.

• Quick to install
• Equipped with dust binderRapidly rising resistance

• Rapidly rising resistance
• The fibers of the paintstop sting the hands, we recommend using gloves


Filter color Orange/White
Filter width 0,5 m
Filter length 20 m
Recommended air speed 0,7 - 1,75 m/s
Initial resistance 10 - 40 Pa
Collection capacity 4,5 kg/m²
Maximum operating temperature From -15 ° C to +80 ° C
Filter efficiency 95%
Replacement resistor 130 Pa
Filter type Fiberglass yellow 50 mm
Filter weight 251 m²


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