Filler cooling brick Wood Repair 50x50 mm

Reference: BC BCD010.050 Print

Putty cooling block 50x50 mm is designed for better pressing of the putty into the wood and surface cooling.

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Product information

Putty cooling block 50x50 mm is designed for better pressing of the putty into the wood and surface cooling. It is small and ideal for removing smaller cracks and other defects.

Product information:
• Aluminum cooling block
• Size: 50x50 mm
• Perfect for smaller surface defects as well as edge and corner repairs
• Useful for repairing both wood and formwork panels

How to use:
• After applying the putty, immediately use the cooling block on the warm application
• Do not be afraid to press on the repaired area after applying the cooling block
• Leave the cooling block on the repaired area to cool
• The repair is complete when the cooling unit comes off easily

Additional information:
• Use two or three cooling blocks to repair edges and corners
• Use the cooling block together with the putty cutter



"Boegh Consult Denmark A/S" was founded by Bjarne Bøgh Pedersen in 1992. In 2015 the company changed name to "Wood Repair" in order to internationalize its brand and connect its core competence to its company name. The business idea was, and still is, to sell and develop unique wood repair systems in order to limit the waste of damaged wood in productions. Today, its products are used in numerous woodworking industries globally. 

The company specialize in wood repair products and carry a complete and deep product programme of high quality, suitable for repairing all sorts of damages in wood. In 1992 "Wood Repair" developed unique product "Thermelt Knot Filler" that is a pioneer within wood repair fillers. In addition to "Knot Filler", "Wood Repair" have developed a broad line of high quality paste fillers, that are perfect for repairing all sorts of defects in wood. The company's entire wood repair product programme consists of green products, safe for both the user and the environment. 

The company's wood repair programme is used in all segments of the wood industry, such as windows/doors, flooring, stairs, furniture, glulam, formwork, and plywood. 

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