Filter W150, 1.0 x 40 m, synthetic

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Filter class G2
Filter color White
Filter width 1,0 m
Filter length 40 m
Filter thickness 14 mm
Recommended air speed 1,5 - 2,0 m/s
Initial resistance 20 - 35 Pa
Collection capacity 380 g/m²
Maximum operating temperature 100 °C
Replacement resistor 130 Pa
Fire safety class F1 according to DIN 53428
Filter type W150



"Rigalit" was founded in Riga in 1991. At that time, the company had only 6 employees. Today, the company's activities are carried out in Latvia by SIA "Rigalit" (Riga), in Lithuania by UAB "Rigalit Lietuva" (Kaunas) and in Belarus by OOO "Belrigalit" (Minsk).

"Rigalit" is a specialized raw material and equipment supply company for the wood industry, representing brands such as "AkzoNobel", "KWH Mirka", "GMBH Wagner", "Renner Italia" and others (for more information on the manufacturers represented, see the "Brands" section).

The company's team consists of professional specialists with a common goal: to ensure a continuous and timely supply of materials and technical assistance, assistance in implementing more efficient products in production and ensuring a range of quality services. "Rigalit" offers the highest quality machine and hand sanding materials, gluing systems, wood finishing materials, as well as various accessories, tools and equipment.

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