Central dust extraction system Hamach HCV TQ1500 13kW

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Top quality dust extraction device HCV 15000 TQ. Hamach designed to maintain a dust-free workflow in a 24/7 industrial production environment.

Product information

HCV 15.000 TQ is an industrial dust extractor designed to work 24/7.

High efficiency is provided by a direct-driven side channel turbine that creates a powerful vacuum and high air flow at low rpm.

The dust extraction device is equipped with high efficiency class M filters and an automatic filter shaking system.

Maintenance of the HCV 15.000TQ unit is simple, even if it is in constant use 24 hours a day.

Technical specification HCV 15.000 TQ:
• Voltage 400V
• Maximum air flow @ 50 Hz 1100 m3 / hour
• Max. At a pressure of 26 Kpa = 260 millibars
• Maximum power @ 50 Hz 12.5 kW
• Max. RPM, 50 Hz 2850 RPM
• Air pressure 5 bar.
• Weight 600 kg
• Dimensions 188 x 95 x 190 cm
• Noise level 74 dBA
• Filter material Polyester non-woven cartridges (9x600 mm) M class
• Filter cleaning Automatic
• IP class IP54
• The capacity of the dust barrel is 150 liters.
• Filter surface 7.2 m²

Recommended automatic: 3 x 32Amp slow-start (K32)


Filter class M
Air pressure 5 bar
Number of motors 1
Max. extraction points 15
Container volume 150 L
Tube work 200 m
Power 12,5 kW
Voltage 380 - 400 V
Noise Level 74 dB
Volume flow air 18300 l/min
Filter surface 7,2 m²
Polyester non woven filters 9 x 0,8 m²
Automatic filter cleaning Yes
Under pressure 260 m. bar



"Hamach" is a brand  that develops new inventions that are essential for effective and efficient paint applications. "Hamach" offers complete solutions for fitting out mixing and working areas in a sustainable manner. 

Over 30 years of experience worldwide! Over the last thirty years, "Hamach" has designed and installed many high quality "Hamach Central Vacuum" (HCV) dust extraction systems for the automotive, shipbuilding and industrial sectors. HCV Central Vacuum for dust extraction is the top range concerning: Service, Quality, Safety, Efficiency and Innovation. 

The company's qualified "Hamach" engineers develop dust extraction systems that collect sanding dust at the source (the sanding machine). All of  "Hamach" systems are 100% adapted to the user's work processes and comply with ATEX standards.  

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