Varnish for wooden floors Renner XD1100 SOLIDZERO 03 gloss, wear-resistant

Reference: XD1100 Print
  • Package 5 L
  • Sold in packs
Renner elastic, wear resistant varnish XD1100 SOLIDZERO, in which special UV filters prevent it from yellowing and protects the natural color of the wood.
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Coating Brush
Material type Water based
Product type Lacquer
Coverage Clear
Application Interior
Package Package 5 L
** Sold in packs



"Solid" is a trademark of "Renner Italia" that produces parquet coatings. 

Thanks to "Solid" UV coating, primer, topcoat, oil, wax and cleaner, the wood becomes resistant to scratches, shocks and chemical components.

"Solid" is a state of the art solution system for beauty, preparation and maintenance of new or restored parquets.

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