Wagner PlastCoat 1030 E electric plaster spraying kit, 15.0 l/min, 2361588

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Wagner PlastCoat 1030 (2361588) - a compact and universal plaster spraying kit, for interior plastering or outdoor facade, medium and large area objects.

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Wagner PlastCoat 1030 (2361588) - compact and universal plaster spraying kit. For internal plastering or outdoor facade, medium and large area objects.

Applying stucco or structural plaster materials is hard work, often requiring buckets of materials to be carried over several floors, especially in multi-story buildings. Wagner texturing and plastering machines make the work much easier, the material is pumped from the ground up to a height of 20 meters.

Wagner's compact and durable design is designed to spray: acrylic texture, cement base and gypsum filler plaster, with constituent particles up to 6 mm in size.

Wagner PlastCoat 1030 - designed for spraying ready-mixed plasters, you only need to pour the prepared plaster into the hopper. A powerful screw pump feeds the material through a hose to the gun, where the material is sprayed. With the additional addition of compressed air, the system is enabled to spray viscous or structural plaster.

Advantages of PlastCoat 1030:
• Compact and light: weight 58 kg, height 62 cm, four wheels - two inflatable with tread, like two rotate 360 degrees.
• Easy cleaning: the quick, convenient separation of the pump and the suction system guarantees an easy cleaning and maintenance process.
• For medium and large objects: integrated 50-liter plastic tank, material lifting height - 20 m, maximum delivery distance - 40 m, filler particle size up to 6 mm.
• Easy cleaning: the quick and convenient separation of the pump and the suction system guarantees an easy cleaning and maintenance process.
• Durability: Brushless DC motor provides high torque and long life.

PlastCoat 1030 set:
• High-pressure screw pump Wagner PlastCoat 1030 - (2360345)
• Automatic sprayer suitable for Wagner sprayers, with 6 mm spray head - (2334115)
• Hose for plaster spraying Wagner DN25, 10 m, M/V35, with air hose and cable - (2325197)
• Wagner silicone spray 500 ml - (9992824)
• Tool box Wagner, without accessories - (348450)


Power 2200 W
Species PlastCoat 1030
Motor type Electric driven
Voltage/Frequency 230 V/50 Hz
Spraying method Plaster (Viscous spray)
Max. operating pressure 40 bar
Max. delivery rate 15,0 l/min
Object size over 200 m²
Materials handled High viscosity filler
Pump spraying technology Screw pump
Max. grain size 6 mm
Delivery height 20 m
Max. delivery radius 40 m
Hose length 10 m



For decades, the "Wagner" group has been known worldwide as a supplier of innovative painting equipment components.

For industry, "Wagner" offer technologically advanced equipment and systems for the application of fluid coatings, powder coatings and paint to surfaces. Contractors use its reliable and economical tools with a range of technologies including airless to apply paint, coatings and plaster. For do-it-yourself enthusiasts, "Wagner" has developed a wide range of user-friendly home-improvement products.

Many companies working in the wood, metal, plastic and automotive industries have tested and installed "Wagner" equipment in their production.

In order to best respond to the needs of "Wagner" customers, company portfolio of products is organized into two divisions. The Decorative Finishing division develops tools that are tailored specifically to the needs of contractors and "do-it-yourself" enthusiasts, while the "Industrial Solutions" division manufactures industrial surface coating products and systems for a range of industry sectors.

"Wagner" provides components and solutions for the manual and automatic application of liquid, solvent and water-based coatings. Company focus is on reliability, durability and high, process-safe coating quality of surfaces.

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