Aerosol spray can tool Can-Gun1

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Product information

Aerosol spray can tool Can-Gun1 for comfortable work.

Can-Gun1 benefits:
• Can-Gun1’s full grip trigger with double leverage action provides effortless spray control and the “FutureLock™ Capture Ring” makes attaching and removing Can-Gun1 twice as easy, compared to competition.
• Unlike many competitors, Can-Gun1’s optimized design uniquely positions the relationship between the handle, trigger and spray can providing greater balance while eliminating finger, wrist and forearm strain.
• Can-Gun1’s patented design reduces “SqueezeForce™” (the amound of pressure required to actuate a spray can’s nozzle) by up to 80%, compared to competition.
• Can-Gun1’s “ComfortTouch™” patented handle and trigger designs, with their contoured, ergonomic gripping surfaces are contoured so as to correspond to the natural angles and position of the hand, palm and fingers; with S-shaped curvature on their top sides, and triple curvatures along their opposing bottom sides, these unique, ergonomic surfaces are combined for increased user comfort and feature the 19 degree ‘Bennett Bend’ neutral wrist principle which essentially eliminates finger, wrist and forearm strain while improving spraying accuracy and productivity.

In summary, this tool not only provides the above new benefits but also continues to employ the same key attributes as the Original Can-Gun, which are:
• Made in USA
• Arthritis friendly design
• Manufactured from recycled plastic


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