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Wagner S-Line powder coating line is a leader in terms of achievable coating results, helping to implement coating solutions for even very complex tasks that meet the highest requirements for performance, process efficiency and coating quality.

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Wagner S-Line powder coating line is the leader in terms of achievable painting results. With flexible customization, it is possible to implement coating solutions for even very complex tasks that meet the highest requirements for performance, process efficiency and coating quality.

Design of the system is based on the implementation of flexibility and functionality desired by a specific customer.

Additional available system components, such as IPS powder paint preparation and supply center with Smart Feed Technology (SFT) and fully automatic color change, or the use of Z-axes guns - for dynamic individual nozzle feeding when coating the component synchronously with the vertical travel movement - enable excellent coating results .

Advantages of Wagner S-Line:
• High painting quality: above-average painting results thanks to robust and powerful PEA-X1 automatic sprayers, highly precise EPG-S2 control units with active air volume control and movement systems with the highest precision and repeatability.
• Effective suction of paint powder: neutral air flow for the coating, ensuring higher coating efficiency due to the special design of the PVC painting chamber with a two-way exhaust system.
• High efficiency and lower powder consumption: automatic turning on and/or off powder output during the coating process using intelligent gap and height control.
• Powerful system control for a very high level of automation: WICOS Plus system control (powder preparation and supply center, motion system, camera, filter) with a 15.6-inch touch screen for the simplest control of various automated system functions.
• Low energy consumption: high energy efficiency of the regeneration system thanks to the patented WAGNER EEP concept. By using specially designed suction pipes and a monocyclone, the total energy consumption of the system can be reduced to a minimum.
• Optimized power consumption: reduced system power consumption thanks to the Energy Efficiency Package Plus, which automatically pauses or suspends system components in case of component gaps.
• Excellent powder preparation: using powder preparation and supply centers with fully integrated ultrasonic screening, the powder is prepared in the best possible way for high quality painting results.
• High automatic coverage and operational efficiency: dynamic 3D coating with WAGNER's matrix axis system (Z-axes allows automatic coating of a larger covered area, correspondingly high coating efficiency and uniform layer thickness distribution due to the individual movement of the individual sprayers.
• Flexible integration of hand painting positions: various options for the integration of hand painting tools, including lifting platforms and a separate powder suction field.
• Fully automatic color change in the center of the paint powder: short and safe color change even for complex powder coatings without manual intervention.


Detection system Laser scanner system for contour detection and motion control of individual sprinklers (64 segments)
Type of painting chamber M- or S-Cube rapid color change painting chamber
Possible preparation and delivery equipment PXS, IPS
Possible maximum number of guns 36
Possible automatic guns PEA X1, PEA X1 XL
Possible horizontal manipulators HU1 (electric) with different strokes (600/1000/1200/1600)
Possible manual guns PEM-X1
Possible vertical manipulators VU1-1800/2400/3000, VU3-2000
Maximum dimensions of the workpiece Flexible
Process data management COATIFY, WAGNER DataHub (OPC UA)
Manual touch-up A before and after fix is available, including a lift platform and exhaust system
System management WICOS Plus (all in one) with 15.6 inch touch screen
Suction capacity (monocyclone/postfilter) 13,000 Nm3/h (18.5 kW) to 33,000 Nm3/h (55 kW)
Powder residue management Automatic removal of powder waste with a pump, mechanical valve under the final filter
Supply of fresh powder Maximum 2 cartons (25kg) in powder center, 1 carton (25kg) + 1 liquid container (50kg)
Maximum of 2 WAGNER BigBag fresh powder stations with automatic switching
Sifting Ultrasonic sieve integrated in the supply equipment (optional)
Robots Project integration is possible
Venturi pump/dosing valve PI-F1 (80-360 g/min), PI-F1-S (80-450 g/min), HiCoatED (50-250 g/min); pneumatic dispensers (PDU) "Smart Feeding Technology" (80-400 g/min.)


For decades, the "Wagner" group has been known worldwide as a supplier of innovative painting equipment components.

For industry, "Wagner" offer technologically advanced equipment and systems for the application of fluid coatings, powder coatings and paint to surfaces. Contractors use its reliable and economical tools with a range of technologies including airless to apply paint, coatings and plaster. For do-it-yourself enthusiasts, "Wagner" has developed a wide range of user-friendly home-improvement products.

Many companies working in the wood, metal, plastic and automotive industries have tested and installed "Wagner" equipment in their production.

In order to best respond to the needs of "Wagner" customers, company portfolio of products is organized into two divisions. The Decorative Finishing division develops tools that are tailored specifically to the needs of contractors and "do-it-yourself" enthusiasts, while the "Industrial Solutions" division manufactures industrial surface coating products and systems for a range of industry sectors.

"Wagner" provides components and solutions for the manual and automatic application of liquid, solvent and water-based coatings. Company focus is on reliability, durability and high, process-safe coating quality of surfaces.

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